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Well, here it is: the inevitable news post.
I’ll get right to the point here, and that is that Gunmetal Grey has recently begun working with Glory & Honour Promotions
Essentially what this means right now is that I’m being promoted across their various sites (of which they have many). In fact, it is entirely possible that you are reading this right now after being linked here from one of their sites.
So far it has been a fantastic experience working with the G&H team, and I could not ask for a more dedicated and easy-going group of people.
Gunmetal Grey music can be heard periodically on their radio station, and all the bands (now including me of course) can be found here

I expect you will be seeing more and more about this in the future. Already I have been working with a couple of the other artists on the label for remixes and such. Actually, you can listen to the first one on Gunmetal Grey’s new Soundcloud page. Yeah, we got one of those.
Also on that page is a sneak preview of one of the songs that will be on the next album, something you’ll have heard already if you went to the show OR watched the video of it on facebook.
Well, that’s about all the news I can think of right now, and about all the blogging I’m willing to do anyway.
There are actually numerous things still in the works, but I’d rather not run my big mouth off about that quite yet, lest things change.
Which is likely.


Which is really just a long way of saying “I am working on a new album. I have no idea when it will be out, so I’m not going to say.” Actually, those are about the same length. The first one sounded more professional. BAH. If I wanted to act professional, I’d go work with elderly people at one of those depressing care homes. (Which I don’t, by the way).
The point is that I am rapidly doing my best to ensure that Gunmetal Grey does not become a one-album project, lost in the internet morass of other one-album projects. No, people, I’m taking this one all the way. So far I like what I hear.
I should also take this time to mention that there will probably be OTHER people involved in the creation of this album. This is as strange and alien a concept to me as it is to you. Don’t worry though, I think it will sound (and look!) just that much more awesome and I promise I am not doing a collaboration with Kanye West.
I’ve also pushed out a bit in the publicity front, sending e-mails and being a nag to people. You can certainly see the results huh? Mostly meaning that there aren’t a whole lot yet. That’s ok, though. I still have you all who read the blog and listen to the music and the heavenly fans who share it with their friends. You know I appreciate you guys, right?
Alright, enough friendly talk, GET OUT THERE AND LET’S SPREAD THE ALBUM!
Peace-and-other-virtues out.

The total number from all sites is like… 400 now?
It’s incredible. And also inedible.
By the way, if you somehow haven’t seen the most recent GMG news:
We are on Reverbnation
It’s pretty cool. Makes me feel like someone in the “in” crowd. (In all seriousness though, it IS cool and you should go see it)
Gunmetal Grey live performances are soon to come… (expect them in spring of 2014)