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It seems I go through more drafts and revisions of blog updates than I do for GMG songs. Currently trying to push out a big long update post. Please stay tuned.


A word inbetween

Posted: April 3, 2011 in Music, Updates
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There has been a slight deadness-of-air and otherwise thorough lack of news since the album was released. (IF YOU DIDN’T KNOW THE ALBUM WAS RELEASED: I would like to pretend that this is because I have been studiously working on the next release, 24/7. This is unfortunately untrue. I would like to follow up to Hellfire and Half-Measure as soon as possible, but unfortunately life was been in the way. There are about four thousand different ideas for albums, songs, tunes, sounds and witty things to say on the blog floating around my head at any given time, and nigh unto ZERO time to make any of them happen. I have, however, dedicated every moment possible towards recordings.
I would love to give a little insight to the next release, but it could be any number of things. The most likely to see the light of completion next, I can say with some shaking certainty, is bound to be a powerhouse beat-fest mashy smash of EBM/Dance songs. This is mostly due to an unforeseen popularity of Gunmetal Grey as party soundtracks. This is fantastic, and I am more than willing to oblige the new audience with some fairly less weird, experimental meanderings. Fear not, fans of such noise, however, as such works are also underway and will be seeing completion in what I’m sure will be a close second.
Also of note is a most unfortunate happening with a computer failure which set back some considerable hours of work. As much of a proponent as I am for technology, I certainly know it’s tendency to fail and fail hard when most unwanted.
I’ve also been musing about writing a superhero theme song for Phoenix Jones. You heard about this guy? He’s for real, and totally awesome. Check it out:
Well, this is a satisfyingly substantial blog post for now, and I hope you realize now that I have not forgotten or abandoned you, or this project.
Thank you again for all your fandomship, and be sure to spread the word!

I have spent the last few months recording and completely neglected the blog, facebook page, and Bandcamp profile (Yes! It’s true!). Now that there is a large body of artistic material, I figure I had better start paying attention to some administration. So.

There is a new Gunmetal Grey Bandcamp page, where you can download the previously available tracks, as well as some new ones from Hellfire and Half-Measure. They are available for free, but if you like them, consider a donation to continue the cause. (And please make it bigger than the PayPal transaction fee, because otherwise you are helping no one. Except PayPal).

If you are reading this you have noticed that the blog is now actually being used for something. That is intended to continue, so check in here regularly.

The Album! Yes, Hellfire and Half-Measure. It now has an official release date of January 3, 2011. Be ready for that time!

A note on the album artwork on the facebook page and Bandcamp page. That is a placeholder. The actual artwork is….in artistic limbo, meaning I am still in the process of contacting the artist. Hopefully today.

There will be a mailing list at some point.

And please please please remember to share this blog or the facebook page or the bandcamp page with your friends!

Alright well, that seems like enough announcements for one post. Things are really moving now. Thank you everyone who is following and supporting this endeavour.

If you are reading this, you are the resistance. Or a Gunmetal Grey fan.

Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have a Blog

Posted: September 27, 2010 in Updates
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Here we are! On the webernets. More info and useful stuff to come