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Well, here it is: the inevitable news post.
I’ll get right to the point here, and that is that Gunmetal Grey has recently begun working with Glory & Honour Promotions
Essentially what this means right now is that I’m being promoted across their various sites (of which they have many). In fact, it is entirely possible that you are reading this right now after being linked here from one of their sites.
So far it has been a fantastic experience working with the G&H team, and I could not ask for a more dedicated and easy-going group of people.
Gunmetal Grey music can be heard periodically on their radio station, and all the bands (now including me of course) can be found here

I expect you will be seeing more and more about this in the future. Already I have been working with a couple of the other artists on the label for remixes and such. Actually, you can listen to the first one on Gunmetal Grey’s new Soundcloud page. Yeah, we got one of those.
Also on that page is a sneak preview of one of the songs that will be on the next album, something you’ll have heard already if you went to the show OR watched the video of it on facebook.
Well, that’s about all the news I can think of right now, and about all the blogging I’m willing to do anyway.
There are actually numerous things still in the works, but I’d rather not run my big mouth off about that quite yet, lest things change.
Which is likely.


Salutations fans and countrymen,
If you are an avid follower of this band you already know that Gunmetal Grey has been working with Strikerr Games to develop the soundtrack to an upcoming iPod/iPhone game. Well upcoming it is no longer! In other words, it’s been released.
In direct correlation with this piece of news, the soundtrack has also been released on bandcamp. Funny how these things happen like that.

I strongly recommend all of you to download the full soundtrack because (more than two songs were originally written for this game WINK WINK)

Also it is my obligation, nay, duty to remind you of Gunmetal Grey’s upcoming LIVE SHOW in case this is your first visit to this blog or in case of retrograde amnesia.
Remember, Smokey The Bear used to say that “only you can prevent forest fires” but there was an alternate take that people often forget where he proclaimed that “only you can buy tickets to go see Gunmetal Grey and save the band from a slow starving death of artistry and body.” However, the marketing chaps didn’t take well to it and the originals have since been destroyed.

Stop burning trees,

This is a world-changing image

Due to the dubious quality of the photo, however, many are claiming that Gunmetal Grey does not in fact exist

Big things in store for Gunmetal Grey in near future STOP
Cannot say more, they are watching me STOP
Please stay tuned for some awesome publicity news STOP
Thank you for your continued support STOP
Must go now, they are comiasdfi;hhhhh wo;gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

Which is really just a long way of saying “I am working on a new album. I have no idea when it will be out, so I’m not going to say.” Actually, those are about the same length. The first one sounded more professional. BAH. If I wanted to act professional, I’d go work with elderly people at one of those depressing care homes. (Which I don’t, by the way).
The point is that I am rapidly doing my best to ensure that Gunmetal Grey does not become a one-album project, lost in the internet morass of other one-album projects. No, people, I’m taking this one all the way. So far I like what I hear.
I should also take this time to mention that there will probably be OTHER people involved in the creation of this album. This is as strange and alien a concept to me as it is to you. Don’t worry though, I think it will sound (and look!) just that much more awesome and I promise I am not doing a collaboration with Kanye West.
I’ve also pushed out a bit in the publicity front, sending e-mails and being a nag to people. You can certainly see the results huh? Mostly meaning that there aren’t a whole lot yet. That’s ok, though. I still have you all who read the blog and listen to the music and the heavenly fans who share it with their friends. You know I appreciate you guys, right?
Alright, enough friendly talk, GET OUT THERE AND LET’S SPREAD THE ALBUM!
Peace-and-other-virtues out.

The total number from all sites is like… 400 now?
It’s incredible. And also inedible.
By the way, if you somehow haven’t seen the most recent GMG news:
We are on Reverbnation
It’s pretty cool. Makes me feel like someone in the “in” crowd. (In all seriousness though, it IS cool and you should go see it)
Gunmetal Grey live performances are soon to come… (expect them in spring of 2014)




A word inbetween

Posted: April 3, 2011 in Music, Updates
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There has been a slight deadness-of-air and otherwise thorough lack of news since the album was released. (IF YOU DIDN’T KNOW THE ALBUM WAS RELEASED: I would like to pretend that this is because I have been studiously working on the next release, 24/7. This is unfortunately untrue. I would like to follow up to Hellfire and Half-Measure as soon as possible, but unfortunately life was been in the way. There are about four thousand different ideas for albums, songs, tunes, sounds and witty things to say on the blog floating around my head at any given time, and nigh unto ZERO time to make any of them happen. I have, however, dedicated every moment possible towards recordings.
I would love to give a little insight to the next release, but it could be any number of things. The most likely to see the light of completion next, I can say with some shaking certainty, is bound to be a powerhouse beat-fest mashy smash of EBM/Dance songs. This is mostly due to an unforeseen popularity of Gunmetal Grey as party soundtracks. This is fantastic, and I am more than willing to oblige the new audience with some fairly less weird, experimental meanderings. Fear not, fans of such noise, however, as such works are also underway and will be seeing completion in what I’m sure will be a close second.
Also of note is a most unfortunate happening with a computer failure which set back some considerable hours of work. As much of a proponent as I am for technology, I certainly know it’s tendency to fail and fail hard when most unwanted.
I’ve also been musing about writing a superhero theme song for Phoenix Jones. You heard about this guy? He’s for real, and totally awesome. Check it out:
Well, this is a satisfyingly substantial blog post for now, and I hope you realize now that I have not forgotten or abandoned you, or this project.
Thank you again for all your fandomship, and be sure to spread the word!

YES, THE NEW ALBUM IS HERE. It is…..2 weeks late, but trust me ladies and gentlemen, it is worth the wait. I could make excuses, but I’m not going to. However, you will have approximately 3 more tracks BECAUSE of the delay, so don’t complain. Unless you pay for a download, in which case you can complain all you like.

I am actually quite pleased at this release, which marks a big milestone. For one, it definitively separates Gunmetal Grey from all the rest of the empty promises on the internet as a promise that was actually made good on. And that, to me at least, is significant. I’ve had the concept of Gunmetal Grey bouncing around and being experimented with for nigh on 3 years now, and having a coherent, published album that people can download and actually listen to is…well, it’s huge. It legitimizes all the time I’ve spent on it, and the concept as a whole.

So, yes, I am quite proud of this album. It’s 14 tracks, about 60 minutes long from what I can tell. It covers a range of different sounds, so I’m hesitant to try to describe any of it lest it taint your expectations. I’d rather have people listening to the music for its own sake rather than try to see how it fits into any number of pre-cut genres.

The download is, of course, completely free. But now hear this. If you can pay for the album, and you feel that it is worth it, please do. For one thing, Bandcamp only allows 200 people to download the album for free every month, and while I do not anticipate hitting that cap in the near future, if those who were able and willing paid for a download, that would help us all out 😉

HOWEVER. The most valuable thing you can do for the band at this point is spread the word!

About 4 hours ago I had a whole ton of stuff I was going to write in this post and I can’t remember any of it. Which will be driving me slowly insane throughout the day. This is why I am not super enthusiastic about blogging.

Well, here’s some news about the future for you:
I am already into a new bout of songs, so (depending on other life factors) there should be more new material within a couple of months.

I am looking at arranging/composing songs for live performance. So you in the Seattle/Redmond area keep an eye out. (That’s where I live! Did you know that?)

I am investigating possible avenues of promotion, and also working with a manager/visual consultant which should prove to be pretty significant.

I am a huge fan of concept albums, so be prepared for a stream of EP-length concept albums at some point.

I’m currently working on a song that will be released as a single with remixes of it. Remixing is an interesting venture (I’ll be posting thoughts about it someday). If any of you feel like they would maybe like to work on remixing material, contact me (commenting on this post should work fine initially) and we’ll converse. Probably through a digital medium.

Hey, if you want me to remix any of your stuff, I’d be willing to dialog with you as well (I just thought of this!)

The album artwork/band logo are going to look totally bangin in the future.

Also, I’m pregnant. (Not really)

Well thank you, fans and would-be fans and those who aren’t fans and all the google bots that occasionally crawl all over this page. I appreciate your support and I appreciate that you’ve read all the way to the end of this post, and I appreciate every one of you who download/listen to the music, becuase without an audience, I’d have naught but the walls and myself to create for. (And I’d do it even then, too).

(But it’s nicer if people are listening)