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YES, THE NEW ALBUM IS HERE. It is…..2 weeks late, but trust me ladies and gentlemen, it is worth the wait. I could make excuses, but I’m not going to. However, you will have approximately 3 more tracks BECAUSE of the delay, so don’t complain. Unless you pay for a download, in which case you can complain all you like.

I am actually quite pleased at this release, which marks a big milestone. For one, it definitively separates Gunmetal¬†Grey from all the rest of the empty promises on the internet as a promise that was actually made good on. And that, to me at least, is significant. I’ve had the concept of Gunmetal Grey bouncing around and being experimented with for nigh on 3 years now, and having a coherent, published album that people can download and actually listen to is…well, it’s huge. It legitimizes all the time I’ve spent on it, and the concept as a whole.

So, yes, I am quite proud of this album. It’s 14 tracks, about 60 minutes long from what I can tell. It covers a range of different sounds, so I’m hesitant to try to describe any of it lest it taint your expectations. I’d rather have people listening to the music for its own sake rather than try to see how it fits into any number of pre-cut genres.

The download is, of course, completely free. But now hear this. If you can pay for the album, and you feel that it is worth it, please do. For one thing, Bandcamp only allows 200 people to download the album for free every month, and while I do not anticipate hitting that cap in the near future, if those who were able and willing paid for a download, that would help us all out ūüėČ

HOWEVER. The most valuable thing you can do for the band at this point is spread the word!

About 4 hours ago I had a whole ton of stuff I was going to write in this post and I can’t remember any of it. Which will be driving me slowly insane throughout the day. This is why I am not super enthusiastic about blogging.

Well, here’s some news about the future for you:
I am already into a new bout of songs, so (depending on other life factors) there should be more new material within a couple of months.

I am looking at arranging/composing songs for live performance. So you in the Seattle/Redmond area keep an eye out. (That’s where I live! Did you know that?)

I am investigating possible avenues of promotion, and also working with a manager/visual consultant which should prove to be pretty significant.

I am a huge fan of concept albums, so be prepared for a stream of EP-length concept albums at some point.

I’m currently working on a song that will be released as a single with remixes of it. Remixing is an interesting venture (I’ll be posting thoughts about it someday). If any of you feel like they would maybe like to work on remixing material, contact me (commenting on this post should work fine initially) and we’ll converse. Probably through a digital medium.

Hey, if you want me to remix any of your stuff, I’d be willing to dialog with you as well (I just thought of this!)

The album artwork/band logo are going to look totally bangin in the future.

Also, I’m pregnant. (Not really)

Well thank you, fans and would-be fans and those who aren’t fans and all the google bots that occasionally crawl all over this page. I appreciate your support and I appreciate that you’ve read all the way to the end of this post, and I appreciate every one of you who download/listen to the music, becuase without an audience, I’d have naught but the walls and myself to create for. (And I’d do it even then, too).

(But it’s nicer if people are listening)



Just finished making some art for the new album. Yeah, I did kind of put that off. There were some other people I thought would be able to provide some help with that, as I am no visual artist. But those all didn’t work out, so I ended up throwing some together.

You can tell I am a pro at this kind of thing because my chosen tools were PowerPoint and Paint. But it looks alright for now. I may replace it when some real art comes through.

Also, blogging is a major hassle.

I wish I could hire someone to do it for me.

2 days until the album comes out. Are all of you ready?

I have spent the last few months recording and completely neglected the blog, facebook page, and Bandcamp profile (Yes! It’s true!). Now that there is a large body of artistic material, I figure I had better start paying attention to some administration. So.

There is a new Gunmetal Grey Bandcamp page, where you can download the previously available tracks, as well as some new ones from Hellfire and Half-Measure. They are available for free, but if you like them, consider a donation to continue the cause. (And please make it bigger than the PayPal transaction fee, because otherwise you are helping no one. Except PayPal).

If you are reading this you have noticed that the blog is now actually being used for something. That is intended to continue, so check in here regularly.

The Album! Yes, Hellfire and Half-Measure. It now has an official release date of January 3, 2011. Be ready for that time!

A note on the album artwork on the facebook page and Bandcamp page. That is a placeholder. The actual artwork is….in artistic limbo, meaning I am still in the process of contacting the artist. Hopefully today.

There will be a mailing list at some point.

And please please please remember to share this blog or the facebook page or the bandcamp page with your friends!

Alright well, that seems like enough announcements for one post. Things are really moving now. Thank you everyone who is following and supporting this endeavour.

If you are reading this, you are the resistance. Or a Gunmetal Grey fan.