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So I was working on editing all the video of the recent concert, and stumbled upon this website (do not ask how those two things were related). It so inspired me that I am now blogging about it whilst sitting on the floor.
The long and the short of it is that this site is incredibly awesome. It is a web-based audio sequencer with a vast library of pre-recorded loops. I do not know of all it’s capabilities, as I have only known of it’s existence for 7 short minutes. Those 7 minutes have been filled with my constant gleeful laughter. The compositions you can sling together on this site are something I might describe as ‘epic’, had not the adjective been overused and consequently destroyed by a crowd of internet…..ers.
In all seriousness though: check out this site. It seems like the perfect source for quick video soundtracking and the like.
I fully intend to spend long bouts of time with this site. I will link any creations I come up with.

Edit: They also have a totally bangin’ drum sequencer. Seriously.


I’ve been promising myself that this post would be coming soon, and have exhausted all my conceivable excuses. Now, save a nuclear holocaust, alien abduction, or the thought of something more productive to do, nothing is going to stop THIS revision of THIS post rolling out.
So if it seems rough and incoherent, you have only myself to blame.
I think one of the larger problems I’ve had with getting this post out was that I was simply trying to cover too much information in one go. A feeling akin to stuffing as many marshmallows as possible in one’s moth and then trying to swallow. I have now decided that the main purpose of THIS post is to discuss my feelings about Gunmetal Grey’s recent debut into the world of live music.
There’s a news post coming at some point in the future, but I am doing my best to forget about that so that I may focus more fully on the matter at hand.

The crux of the matter is that I have now had the opportunity to perform my music on a stage in front of people.
The notion of which, if you had mentioned it to me 3 months earlier, would have sent my head reeling. Looking back, it is a kind of incredible to me that such an event was able to happen, and happen so soon. Far before the time frame I had originally projected for myself.
This is also somewhat of a dream realized for me. I can’t say that this is something I’ve wanted my entire life, as that is most decidedly untrue. It is, however, something I have dreamed about doing for a significant portion of my life. Yearned for, even. It is something that made me want to go into music in the first place. I have watched concert videos, attended concerts, all with an intense fascination at the effects of and emotions surrounding live music.

Thus, I can truly state my satisfaction when I claim that this concert was a huge success.
The concert was a triumph in multiple ways, not the least of which was the technological ability to do what I wanted. You would not believe the amount of time I have spent thinking of the best way to play Gunmetal Grey live. It was a challenge which haunted my thoughts even before I had recorded any songs.
In case you were horrendously misinformed, or for some reason are not aware of the fact yet: Gunmetal Grey is one person. As such, the amount of music I can produce in multiple tracks in a studio setting and the amount possible when on a stage with only two hands is vastly different. I have never allowed this discrepancy to restrict what I do in the studio, however, nor will I ever. The point is that being able to produce any music whatsoever on stage was an accomplishment in my eyes.

Aside from just overcoming technical barriers, though, this concert marks a personal milestone. Though I have long dreamed of performing live music, there has always been that small anti-spark of doubt that I would not be able to accomplish such a feat because of my own reservations when it comes to essentially existing in such a public and vulnerable setting. Nerves. And the ability to open up so completely in front of strangers, and potentially hostile ones at that. Despite any impressions this blog or anything else gives to the contrary, I am quite an introvert, and the possibility that I wound up holed up in a studio, producing music 24/7 but never seeing the light of day was all too real. Did I have what it would take to do this, what I wanted to so much?
Well. ‘Yes’ is the answer, as I have now proven unequivicobaly to myself.

This blog post was a little on the personal and introspective side, but thank you for taking the time to read it.
News post…..sometime later.

Which is really just a long way of saying “I am working on a new album. I have no idea when it will be out, so I’m not going to say.” Actually, those are about the same length. The first one sounded more professional. BAH. If I wanted to act professional, I’d go work with elderly people at one of those depressing care homes. (Which I don’t, by the way).
The point is that I am rapidly doing my best to ensure that Gunmetal Grey does not become a one-album project, lost in the internet morass of other one-album projects. No, people, I’m taking this one all the way. So far I like what I hear.
I should also take this time to mention that there will probably be OTHER people involved in the creation of this album. This is as strange and alien a concept to me as it is to you. Don’t worry though, I think it will sound (and look!) just that much more awesome and I promise I am not doing a collaboration with Kanye West.
I’ve also pushed out a bit in the publicity front, sending e-mails and being a nag to people. You can certainly see the results huh? Mostly meaning that there aren’t a whole lot yet. That’s ok, though. I still have you all who read the blog and listen to the music and the heavenly fans who share it with their friends. You know I appreciate you guys, right?
Alright, enough friendly talk, GET OUT THERE AND LET’S SPREAD THE ALBUM!
Peace-and-other-virtues out.

1) That’s cool.
2) The rest of you who visit need to listen to songs in multiples of 100 to keep making steady progress in landmarks like this, without breaking the coolness of an even number like 100.

Please note this is not the great important thing I was going to blog about yesterday. But for now I need to learn about Charles Manson.