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So I was working on editing all the video of the recent concert, and stumbled upon this website (do not ask how those two things were related). It so inspired me that I am now blogging about it whilst sitting on the floor.
The long and the short of it is that this site is incredibly awesome. It is a web-based audio sequencer with a vast library of pre-recorded loops. I do not know of all it’s capabilities, as I have only known of it’s existence for 7 short minutes. Those 7 minutes have been filled with my constant gleeful laughter. The compositions you can sling together on this site are something I might describe as ‘epic’, had not the adjective been overused and consequently destroyed by a crowd of internet…..ers.
In all seriousness though: check out this site. It seems like the perfect source for quick video soundtracking and the like.
I fully intend to spend long bouts of time with this site. I will link any creations I come up with.

Edit: They also have a totally bangin’ drum sequencer. Seriously.