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Salutations fans and countrymen,
If you are an avid follower of this band you already know that Gunmetal Grey has been working with Strikerr Games to develop the soundtrack to an upcoming iPod/iPhone game. Well upcoming it is no longer! In other words, it’s been released.
In direct correlation with this piece of news, the soundtrack has also been released on bandcamp. Funny how these things happen like that.

I strongly recommend all of you to download the full soundtrack because (more than two songs were originally written for this game WINK WINK)

Also it is my obligation, nay, duty to remind you of Gunmetal Grey’s upcoming LIVE SHOW in case this is your first visit to this blog or in case of retrograde amnesia.
Remember, Smokey The Bear used to say that “only you can prevent forest fires” but there was an alternate take that people often forget where he proclaimed that “only you can buy tickets to go see Gunmetal Grey and save the band from a slow starving death of artistry and body.” However, the marketing chaps didn’t take well to it and the originals have since been destroyed.

Stop burning trees,


An apology.

Posted: January 3, 2011 in Album release, Updates
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Hello internet. I noticed there is a record number of people visiting today, and I can’t help but think (hope, at least) that it’s because of the new album release that I promised.

Unfortunately not everything is *quite* ready yet, and, though I am working on it, the album may not be up today.

I will do what I can to have it up later tonight, but if not, I will for sure post it tomorrow.

This time for real.

And I know this is unprofessional. And I apologize.

But seriously, thank you to any and all of you that are actually reading this, and are actually anticipating this album. I think it’ll be worth the wait.

Just finished making some art for the new album. Yeah, I did kind of put that off. There were some other people I thought would be able to provide some help with that, as I am no visual artist. But those all didn’t work out, so I ended up throwing some together.

You can tell I am a pro at this kind of thing because my chosen tools were PowerPoint and Paint. But it looks alright for now. I may replace it when some real art comes through.

Also, blogging is a major hassle.

I wish I could hire someone to do it for me.

2 days until the album comes out. Are all of you ready?